Internal Affairs Investigations and Complainants

It is the policy of the Crofton Police Department that all allegations of member misconduct be appropriately investigated and promptly adjudicated. All reports or accusations made against a member of the Office, or the Office itself, by any sources, are to be completely investigated to ensure the integrity of the Office and its members. 

Internal Affairs Professional Standards Investigations are the process by which the Crofton Police Department investigates allegations of misconduct on the part of its employees. The process provides citizens, supervisors and employees a fair mechanism to address their complaints regarding law enforcement services.

All of us at the  Crofton Police Department, as well as the citizens we serve, are concerned about the integrity of the agency and we are justifiably proud of the service that we provide the community. Our complaint and disciplinary procedures are established to ensure this integrity by achieving a prompt and fair disposition of complaints.

The Chief of Police assigns Officers to investigate employee misconduct. These investigations are conducted in compliance with Maryland State law,  departmental Rules and Regulations, and the Anne Arundel County State's Attorney's Office.

To make a complaint against an employee of the Crofton Police Department, you may:

Caution: We take allegations of employee misconduct very seriously. Unfortunately there are rare occasions when a complainant files an allegation against an employee to "get even" for a legitimate enforcement action taken by a department employee. In that rare circumstance, if the investigation reveals that the complaint was made maliciously, in bad faith, or with the knowledge that the accusation was false, action shall be taken, whenever possible, to prosecute the complainant for making a false report.

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