Help Recover Your Stolen Property

The Crofton Police Department is advising residents and businesses on ways to help recover stolen property. Detectives have had tremendous success in recovering property in cases where citizens have been able to furnish a sufficient description of their stolen articles, complete with serial numbers.  To assist in your stolen property being returned to its rightful owner, these simple suggestions are given:

Take the time to record the serial numbers of all your property and valuables. Some of the most repeatedly stolen items include: radios, televisions, stereos, microwave ovens, computers, guns, lawn mowers, etc. Serial numbers are usually recorded on a sales invoice at the time of purchase, or can typically be found on the back of the property. This is good information to jot down and maintain on file in a safe place.  If you have a computer, create a database with all of the information and print out a copy.  If you should be a victim of a crime, the indicated property missing with all of its information is available to the officer.

Engrave a personal identification number on each unit or item. A driver's license number would be one of the most readily identified numbers to use. Be certain to include the name of your state before the number.  PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TO IDENTIFY YOUR BELONGINGS.

Hide your valuables. Do not leave expensive jewelry or other such personal possessions in plain view, either in your house or in your vehicle. Place the items you wear only occasionally in an inconspicuous place. A safety deposit box should be considered for fine jewelry and large sums of money. When leaving your home for extended periods, it is wise to move large valuables where they cannot be seen from windows and put small appliances out of sight. Although these suggestions cannot prevent thefts from occurring, they could dissuade a thief from stealing a particular item, and will certainly assist the law enforcement agency in identifying the stolen property as yours if/when it is found.

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