Maryland Business Fuels Up Boats and First Responders: Supporting Emergency Efforts After Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Local Business Steps Up to Support Emergency Efforts Following Bridge Collapse in Baltimore

In the aftermath of the tragic collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, a business located in the vicinity, under the ownership of Alex DelSordo, has rapidly become a cornerstone of support for the ongoing search and rescue operations. The Anchor Bay East Marina, together with the connected Hard Yacht Café, has been actively assisting rescue agencies since the incident.

DelSordo, having only been at the helm of the establishment for a brief period, responded to the disaster by expanding the business’s offerings to meet the demanding needs of first responders. These services include:

  • Continuous Refueling: The marina remains open 24/7, providing fuel to boats from various agencies involved in the search, such as the Coast Guard, FBI, and Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Extended Facilities: A bathhouse with amenities like laundry services, showers, and bathrooms is available around the clock for all first responders.
  • Food Services: The Hard Yacht Café extended its operating hours to ensure that those working tirelessly on the river are well-fed, including outside of typical business hours.

Besides fundamental services, DelSordo has also prioritized the well-being of the crews:

  • Meals at No Cost: In keeping with a longstanding tradition at the cafe, first responders are offered meals free of charge to show appreciation for their service.
  • Community Support: The local community has rallied to contribute funds to cover half of the food expenses for emergency personnel, and additional donations have provided snacks and beverages to keep the teams nourished.

The response from first responders to this outpouring of support has been extremely positive, with DelSordo ensuring that every team that docks for refueling receives supplies like Gatorade and snack bars. The aim is to supply the rescue teams with as much as they need for sustenance and hydration during their exhaustive efforts.

DelSordo remains optimistic about the rebuilding process and believes in the resilience of the community. He holds a strong conviction that the collective efforts of different organizations will not only address the immediate challenges but also unify the community further in the long run.

Through these initiatives, the business has become an unofficial hub for the coordination and comfort of those working on the front lines of this crisis, demonstrating the critical role local businesses can play in times of community need.

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